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Basic Info

My name is Night or Eridan and I use he/she/they pronouns, please and thank you. I am demi-pansexual, genderfluid, and polyamorous.
I am currently 21 years old and am studying Business Administration and Computer Science with minors in Communication and Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

1. My interests include Monster Prom, Homestuck, Marvel, Steven Universe, Minecraft, Critical Role, TAZ, Teen Titans, and Undertale among other things.
2. Myers Briggs: INFP
3. Zodiac: Cancer
4. Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
5. Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
6. Hogwarts House: Slytherin
7. Favorite Animals: Red Pandas and Felines
8. Favorite Color: Purple

Eridan Ampora/ErisolspriteBeforus EridanErisol Harley (protostuck)Rose Strider (kidswap)Aranea Maryam (bloodswap)Xefros TritohLiam de LioncourtMettatonJunkratDipper PinesAlex FierroTaakoSeveral more that I'm questioning


Do not interact if:
You are homophobic, transphobic, nbphobic, aphobic, truscum, ace exclusionist, anti-mogai, or anything else that's anti-lgbt+Ableist, which includes the use of the r-slur (except if you are able to reclaim it for yourself and don't use it to insult others)RacistA pedophile/MAP, pro-incest, or pro-rapeA nazi/fascist/white supremacistAnti-feminist or anti-sjwAnti-Semetic or IslamophobicAnti-kin
Ask to follow if:
You are 25 or older Are or were named Ben or Gabe Are kin with Vriska Serket, Cronus Ampora, or Dmitri (from Monster Prom)You ship Vriska/EridanYou are a discourse blog (trying to have a more discourse free environment on here)
Let me know if:
You need anything to be taggedYou have any suggestions for things I might want to check outAnything you think I can do to make my blog easier to read/look at/etc.


Types of Content:
AestheticsDigital ArtPendulum ReadingsCrystal TarotStimboardsPride Flag Designs and EditsIconsTalkspritesRules:
I will do NSFW art but it will not be posted publicly, only sent to you privately No underage, incest, tons of gore, rape, etc. Nothing morally and visually gross basically. As of right now I will only do simple requests but I am setting up a patreon now and once that's done I will offer more complex art but for a price (sorry)All other requests have generally the same rules as the art, don't ask me questions about incest, rape, etc.